Developing A Successful Push Button Influence Marketing Campaign Is Easier Than You Think

alex-market-researchDo you have a mobile website? Most brands have an official website but they are missing out on offering a great experience to a large portion of visitors. You should keep reading for some helpful mobile marketing tips if you don’t have a mobile website yet.

Your Push Button Influence Marketing Campaign needs to be built around content that will remain relevant for a long time. You need to keep your messages short and everything you send should have a specific goal. Do not send messages about a promotional event you will organize weeks from now. You should instead wait until the last minute to send a message that encourages recipients to take action right away.

You can use Alex Mandossian push button influence websites or apps to share your message on the mobile platform. Choose the strategy that makes the most sense for your message and your audience. Ask yourself which medium would be a better experience for your audience and look at general trends followed by other marketers.

All your mobile ads should end with a strong call to action. You will not get results if you use an enthusiastic language in your ads but do not really tell your audience what to do. Choose your words carefully to convince mobile users to perform a specific action with only a couple of sentences.

If you decide to use push button influence marketing to send a reminder message, it is best to send your message two or three hours before the event. People will forget about the reminder if you send it in advance and might miss it if you send the reminder closer to the event. Run some tests to figure out the optimal moment to send a reminder in function of your audience.

If you have a store, a restaurant or another type of location, you can use mobile marketing to help people find this location. Emphasize your location in your mobile marketing campaign and encourage people who stop by to use their phone to ‘check in’ on Facebook or FourSquare.

Your mobile marketing efforts should be linked to what you do on other platforms. You could for instance talk about your mobile marketing campaign on your blog or share a link to download your app on social media. This is a good way to connect with potential shoppers on more than one platform.

Mobile marketing is best suited to stay in touch with existing customers and not to find new ones. People who are already familiar with your products and your brand will be more likely to sign up for your text alerts. New customers will be more likely to find your brand on a desktop computer and might decide to subscribe to your mobile marketing campaign later on.

If you are organizing a promotional event such as a sale or a contest, send some text alerts. These messages are a good way to share a small piece of information. People will notice these messages since they will receive a pop up notification, which is a great way to draw attention to a specific promotional event. However, sending too many text messages can become invasive and you should only send these messages to the contacts who have signed up for this campaign.

Location is an important part of mobile marketing. You can easily share information about where your store or restaurant is located and use geo-targeting to send a promotional message to Smartphone owners who are in a specific location. Ask yourself how you could use this technology to promote your brand and your products.

Audio and video content should be an important part of your mobile marketing strategy. You cannot be successful if you only use text messages and emails. Mobile owners can easily access this type of content and a lot of them would rather watch a video than read a text. You should create some short videos or a Podcast to provide people with audio and video content.

Share your  push button influence phone number with your audience. This might not come to mind since there are many other strategies you can use to reach out to mobile users, including developing a mobile website or an app. However, Smartphone owners use their devices to make calls. Share your phone number on your site and in business listings. Make sure your mobile website allows visitors to call you by simply clicking on a special button.

There is a lot to learn about push button influence marketing but you can get started with a few basic strategies. You should know a little more about efficient strategies after reading this article. Ask yourself which strategies would make the most sense for your products and your audience.