The Orion Code Review Binary Option Trading Strategies

Before you even register or create a binary account, it is wise to first learn different trading strategies. Well, there are many reasons to having a binary trading strategy apart from trying to maximize on profits. The biggest benefit is that it will help minimize losses. Discipline is all that is needed to make it a success.

anik-forex-hedgingThe fact is that there are many challenges to trading on binary option and it does not matter the period. For example, a majority of people after winning a few, they tend to be arrogant and careless. Because of this, the market punishes them and they begin to encounter huge losses.

Below are few binary Option strategies:

1. The Hedging Strategy

This technique simply refers to locking in the profits. Through this technique or strategy, if you are minutes away from your expiry time and your trade is earning you money, you can either get all the profits in or simply sell a portion and leave the rest open just in case if things will go your way or earn you more profits.

2. Pairing

This simply means buying both a call and put. With this strategy, if the trade expires and the price is between the two prices you will have still made some money.

3. The Reversal Tradinganik-call

This is a great strategy which is mainly used by many binary traders. Through this strategy, when there is something big happening on a particular stock, you buy the binary option opposite to that expected to move up. Even though The Orion Code Review it is said that ‘the market trend is your friend’, often, what goes up will come down the same way ‘like a rocket’

4. The Double Trade

This strategy simply refers to buying several trades, of similar trade to increase your potential profit.

5. The Paper Trading

Paper trading is not real trading but a great way to learn the market. This strategy is mainly used as a training ground for many traders as they are trying new trading techniques. Paper trading is best for those who are especially newbies to binary options. The fact of the matter is that there is no way you will be an excellent binary trader without training and doing a bit of research.


The Orion Code Review A good trader will master all the above trading strategies. This is because the above trading strategies will have to be applied in different occasions or on different trades. For example, before a trader can trade on binary, it is wise to first take advantage of paper trading and then others. This technique will keep you and your money safe.