Anik Singal  5 Tips To Help You Succeed With Email Marketing

Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Email Marketing Really Dead?

With all of the new online marketing techniques cropping up on a continual basis and the ever growing inbox-inboxinfluence and presence of social media, many people seem to think that email marketing has started losing some of its advantages. But has it really? Radicati Group reports that in 2013 3.6 billion email accounts were registered worldwide. In addition, an ExactTarget study showed that 77% of consumers prefer receiving permission-based marketing communications via email. Anik Singal  So basically, half of the world uses email and three quarters of them want and wait to receive your marketing messages via email. Perhaps the question to ask isn’t whether email marketing is dead or not, but if you are really maximizing results by using efficient, knowledgeable and trusted techniques.

It might seem easy enough to build your email list up, create a website like and  some relevant campaigns, located a reputable email marketing service and then start sending out your emails. However, as we are all well aware nothing in life is that easy. So in order to increase your click through rates as well as turn new customers into long term ones, or long term customers into lifelong and reliable customers, you need to pour all of your heart and soul into your email marketing campaigns. Like all of the marketing content that you put out, you must get to the point,be direct and address your customers needs and wants.

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The biggest problem is that most people these days don’t have enough time to read all of the emails they received. Throughout the day there are thousands emails that are sent to many thousands of inboxes. They all pile up on top of one another and compete for the attention of the inbox owners. The very few who will success with their efforts, are those who have been able to create spammy and boring emails and that really draw in the user’s attention. So the big question is, how do they actually accomplish this?

Create a simple but catchy subject line

All of us are guilty of being lazy when checking our email when it comes to paying attention to really boring, long or complicated subject lines. The more interesting and direct your subject line is, the better your chances will be of making sure your emails are opened. It is very important that your subject line directly relate with the service or product you are providing or that it contains an offer. Above all, it needs to be relevant to your Inbox Blueprint 2.0 target audience. Make sure it is simple and catchy. Another important thing is to make sure you don’t too many words that may end up being considered as spam. You need to be careful. Otherwise your incredible deal or offer that you just sent could end up doomed and in your recipient’s spam box where it is never seen or read.

Anik Singal  Quality content

A majority of individuals open their emails to get something out of them. That is why it is very important for your emails offer to give the read something in exchange for them taking the time to read your message. May you can offer something for free, or provide some useful information. Whatever it happens to be, you need to ensure it is relevant to your audience.

Use the proper design and format for your emails

In terms of the design and formatting of your emails, always keep in mind that a majority of email providers don’t show images automatically. Therefore, you need to be aware that your reader might not see the images but only the text that you use. Be careful and make sure that your messages are going to clear, even if someone doesn’t see your images. Be sure your message is just as creative and enticing as it would if it had its complete CSS layout.inbox-info

Remember Inbox Blueprint 2.0 mobile users

Make sure to not isolate your readers who access their email using their tablet or phone. These days, most people who real email are mobile users as well. Make sure that your efforts don’t go to waste. Keep these kinds of users in mind and make sure that everyone can receive your messages. Were you aware of the fact that 64% of decision-makers use their phones to read their emails?

Make sure to time your emails correctly

Time can make all the difference in Anik Singal  email campaigns. If your emails are sent out too late or too early, they can get lost inside the reader’s inbox, and might never be seen or opened. Make sure to do your research and know your demographics. Put in the time and effort into figuring out when the best time is for reaching your target audience.

Contrary to what is popularly believed, email marketing remains as the most effective and trusted type of online marketing. If you do it properly, your email Inbox Blueprint 2.0 marketing campaigns can be very successful, and no other type of online marketing technique or strategy can compare. If you just put in a bit more time and effort, then you can easily make profits from your emails. Just don’t let all of your efforts go to waste!